YBPT series inverter duty explosion-proof motors

YBPT series inverter duty explosion-proof motors

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YBPT flameproof frequency conversion speed regulating  three-phase asynchronous motor is my company based on motor YB2 series of new technologies domestic and abroad with the current electromagnetic structure, processes, materials and other aspects of the development of successful new products, with good speed performance, energy efficiency, temperature margin, long life, good performance, low noise, advanced proof structure, high reliability, easy maintenance, etc., can be used with various domestic and international frequency devices supporting the use of energy efficiency and helps automate control. Its rated power, rated speed and installed the same size and YB2 series motors.


This series motors conform GB755-2000 "fixed and rotary motor performance" industry standard JB / T7565.1-2004 "YB2 series flameproof three-phase induction motor (Frame H63 ~ 355)". Its proof performance meets GB3836.1-2000 "Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 1: General requirements" and GB3836.2-2000 "Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 2: flameproof" d "" regulations, were made ??flameproof ExdI, ExdIIAT4, ExdIIBT4, for coal mine (non-mining face) and factory IIA, IIB level, hazardous location temperature group T1 ~ T4 group explosive gas environments.


This series of motor frame  protection rating of IP54 or IP55, cooling method is IC416.
This series motors can also be made with a type of humid and dry tropical type, outdoor type and outdoor type anti-corrosion and outdoor medium heat type.


Conditions of Use
Elevation: not applicable at an altitude of over 1000 meters
Ambient air temperature: ambient air lowest position -15 ℃, up to 35 ℃ (coal mine) or 40 ℃ (factory) in the work environment.
The maximum relative humidity of ambient air does not exceed 95% (when the temperature is 25 ℃) (coal mine) or the wettest month on average relative humidity of 90%, while the monthly average minimum temperature not higher than 25 ℃ (factory).
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Work mode: continuous duty (S1)
Frequency Range: FM range 2-pole 3 (5) ~ 60Hz, 4-pole above is 3 (5) ~ 100Hz, 3 (5) ~ 50Hz constant torque speed, 50 ~ 100Hz constant power speed.
Axial fan motor with a separate forced ventilation, ensure that the motor has a good cooling effect at different speeds runtime.