YBJ2 series winch purpose explosion-proof motor

YBJ2 series winch purpose explosion-proof motor


Insulation class: F
Rated voltage: 380 / 660V, 660 / 1140V
Synchronous speed: Protection: IP55
Frequency: 50HZ
Duty: S1


Details Introduction

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YBJ2 series winch with explosion-proof motor is driven scheduling winch coal mine or on the ground, in the middle of the roadway tub and traction winch heavy machinery and equipment for special motors. This series motors with high efficiency, appearance, safe and reliable operation, long life, excellent performance, easy installation and other maintenance features.


YBJ Explosion-proof performance motor execution GB3836.1-2000 "Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 1: General requirements" and GB3836.2-2000 "Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 2: flameproof" d "requirement, also attached together IEC79-1, BS4683 and EN50018 regulations made flameproof. Ex logo ExdⅠ, for a coal mine with a combustible gas (methane) with air to form an explosive gas atmosphere or the presence of explosive coal dust hazardous locations. As the lifting and pulling heavy machinery driving force purposes. YJ common type is suitable for environments where explosive gas mixtures


(1) YBJ2 explosion-proof motor signs for ExdI.
(2) winch with explosion-proof motor structure and mounting for IMB3, IMB5.
(3) the main winch with explosion-proof motor frame protection rating of IP44 or IP54 or IP55, or IP54 junction box is IP55.
(4) winch with explosion-proof motor cooling method is IC410, IC411, IC416.
(5) winch with explosion-proof motor insulation class F or H level, the stator winding temperature margin, long life.
(6) winch with explosion-proof motor with one end of the cylindrical shaft extension, by the flexible coupling or spur gears turning.
(7) winch with explosion-proof motor stator windings made ??of high strength polyester enamelled round copper wire, and by VPI Impregnating processed into a complete whole, winding and insulation has excellent electrical, mechanical, moisture resistance and thermal stability.
(8) winch with explosion-proof cast aluminum structure rotor, the rotor dynamic balance check, motor smooth running, small vibration, low noise.
(9) winch with explosion-proof motor stator and rotor laminations of high permeability, low-loss high-quality electrical steel, motors, low loss, high efficiency.
(10) using a winch with explosion-proof motor body shell material base of seamless steel pipe or steel manufacturing, with high impact, collision capabilities, the rest shell parts are not less than the HT250 gray cast iron.
(11) winch with explosion-proof motor bearings use low vibration, low noise bearings.
(12) winch with explosion-proof motor fan, fan cover: plastic, aluminum or cast iron fan, high intensity, fan and shaft is keyed, reliable operation. Wind shield for steel structure, the area of maximum airflow in the context of a certain size to prevent the intrusion of foreign matter, the air path is unobstructed.


Using conditions

(1) ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, usually no more than -20 ~ + 40 ℃.
(2) an altitude of less than 1000m.
(3) The maximum relative humidity of ambient air does not exceed 95% (when the temperature is + 25 ℃ pm).