YBS2 series conveyor purpose explosion-proof motors

YBS2 series conveyor purpose explosion-proof motors

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YBS series of conveyor flameproof three-phase asynchronous motors are special motors for coal mine mining face mechanical design, frame by steel welding forming, hood, terminal boxes, insulation measures taken to strengthen the structure, electrical performance, installation size, rated power, etc. even with the same motor YB2 explosion-proof motors in this series meets GB3836.12000 << electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 1: General requirements and GB3836.2-2000 << >> electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres section part 2: flameproof "d" >> standard specifications, made ??flameproof Exd I, applicable to coal mine working face.


Depending on requirements, made ??flameproof "dI" proof performance in line with GB3836.1 "electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - General requirements" and GB3836.2 "electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Explosion of electrical equipment d" shall apply contained in the coal mine methane or coal dust explosion hazard places for driving the conveyor use.


1) the motor body housing protection class IP44, terminal box protection class IP54.
2) motor cooling method is IC411.
Structure and installation 3) motor for IMB3, IMB5, IMB10.
Rated operating mode 4) motor for S1.
Rated 5) of the motor power is 50Hz.
Rated 6) of the motor voltage is 380V / 660V, 660V / 1140V.
7) motor insulation class F.
Four .YBS series of conveyor equipment with explosion-proof motor applications
Coal mine scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, reproduced, crusher