YB3 series high efficiency  explosion-proof high voltage motors

YB3 series high efficiency explosion-proof high voltage motors

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YB3-63 ~ 355 flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is our company based YB, YB2 series motors on new technologies at domestic and abroad with the current electromagnetic structures, processes, materials and other aspects of the development of successful new products, with energy-efficient , temperature margin, long life, good performance, low noise, advanced proof structure, high reliability and easy maintenance. The series motor efficiency indicators in line GB18613-2006 "small and medium-phase asynchronous motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" motor energy efficiency 2, the power rating and mounting dimensions conform to IEC standards and with the YB, YB2 series motors same.


This series motors conform GB755-2008 "rotary motor fixed and performance", the motor meets JB / T7565.1-2011 "YB3 series flameproof three-phase induction motor (machine base (63 to 355)," the provisions of its explosion performance meets GB3836.1-2010 "explosive atmospheres - Part 1: General requirements for equipment": provides d "protection equipment" were made ??of flameproof and GB3836.2-2010 "by flameproof enclosures for explosive atmospheres - Part 2" type ExdI Mb, ExdIIAT4 Gb, ExdIIBT4 Gb, for coal mine (non-mining face) and factory IIA, IIB level, hazardous location temperature group T1 ~ T4 group explosive gas environments.