S5AC series IP54 compressor motors

S5AC series IP54 compressor motors


Model: S5AC 160 ~ 280
Installation: B3, B35
frame Type: fully enclosed fan cooled
Structure: Three-phase asynchronous motor


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This series of three machines induction motor compressor special consideration to the special conditions of the compressor station series motor development and design, high H80-355mm, 0.55-355kw, insulation class F, press B grade rated center assessment, general service coefficient by F level assessment, service factor SF = 1.15 and SF1.2, using a special bearing configurations, bearings can ensure long-term work. Lead wire can be custom configured for the customer, using the cable sheathing protection ends with a tube nut; This series motors can be stable for long-term continuous compression work to meet the requirements of the compressor.


production specifications:
IEC Standard
Cooling method IC411, protection class IP54, F class insulation, B grade temperature.
Frame size: 80mm to 355mm.
Poles: 2, 4, 6-pole optional
Rated power: 0.55kw ~ 355kw, S1 duty.
Rated voltage: 220 / 380V, 380 / 660V, 230 / 400V, 400 / 690V.
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz.
Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
Bearing Brand: SKF
Wiring: 0.75-3kw use star connection, 4-355kw use delta connection

Other Optional Specifications:
1 Heat protection: winding install PTC, PT100.
2 junction box: from the drive end direction, can be installed on the left and right motors.
3 may provide extended the lead.
4 Enhanced Power Factor: 1.15, 1.25.
5. H-class insulation and high temperature environments.